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Kategna at Entoto & Unity Park

  • Kategna Entoto Park

    Historically, Entoto Mountain was a palace and the royal court to Emperor Menelik in the1800s.the park is a unique natural sight in a mountain area for relaxation and pleasure. In theshoulder of the mountain you can have also mouthwatering Ethiopian traditional food at katengarestaurant.Whether you’re looking for the perfect wedding venue or just want a simple birthday or babyshower party, we’ve got stunning event location at Entoto Park.

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  • Kategna Unity Park

    Unity Park is located in the premises of the Grand Palace and it is composed of various historical, natural and cultural sites. Where you can enjoy with family and friends with an appealing natural view and best facilities. While you’re visiting the park Take a breathe with our best coffee ceremony and have our best Ethiopian traditional food and also you can make your own injera.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Best Value for Family

    The ideal setting for any occasion, whether it is a romantic meal for two, a dinner with friends, or a lively celebration.

  • Vast Selection

    We have a wide range of meals, from vegetarian to meat lover’s, wines, cocktails, and spirits.

  • Convenient

    You can visit us at 8 restaurant locations around Addis

  • Great Food

    Our cuisine is characterized by the use of fresh local produce, quality meat, and a unique cooking style.

  • Unique Experience

    The best traditional food experience in the heart of the town.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Delicious food in a pleasant atmosphere served by friendly staff.

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Our Menu

  • Shiro with Gomen

  • Shiro Fitfit (Vegan)

    Shiro Fitfit is the perfect balance of fresh, wholesome ingredients and traditional Ethiopian flavors. Made with injera and mixed with dried pea flours (served cold).

  • Fasting Variety

    Ethiopian combination platter composed of vegan curries and veggies. The combo features a rich red lentil stew, tender collard greens simmered with tomatoes and warming berbere spice blend, and a spicy fresh tomato salad with chiles.

Our Gallery

All of our foods are prepared with fresh spices blended daily and our sauces are prepared as ordered.